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Affordable Therapy in Toronto

Therapy to help you overcome life’s challenges & lead a more fulfilling life.

Affordable Therapy Can Help You:

Reduce Depression & Anxiety Symptoms

Gain insight into complex emotions and situations

Improve coping skills and resilience

You have enough on your plate

Prioritizing your mental health is essential and the price of therapy shouldn’t keep you from taking care of your well-being.

Overcome challenges and cultivate more meaningful relationships without adding more stress to your life.

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Are you struggling with:

  • Balancing your life and managing stress?
  • Not having a clear direction?
  • Being haunted by painful memories?
  • Living for the comfort & acceptance of others?
  • Feeling unfulfilled?

Therapy can help you find relief, clarity, & direction

EMDR & Trauma Therapy Centre

How affordable therapy works

We take the time to understand you as a person who has a lived experience that has brought you here. We use a three-step approach.

1. We get to you know you.

We learn about your history, symptoms, and current situation so we can take the first step forward.

2. We develop a personal plan.

We help you process the events that caused your current state using IFS, ego state therapy, attachment therapy, or relationship therapy.

3. We help you find peace

With the right tools we work with you so you can live free from the pains of the past.

EMDR & Trauma Therapy Centre

What is affordable therapy?

In a perfect world, therapy would be accessible and affordable to everyone, but we know that’s not always the case.

At EMDR & Trauma Therapy Centre, we are pleased to offer a low-cost therapy option for when financial constraints are a concern. Our dedicated interns who are pursuing their master’s degree operate under professional supervision to provide high-quality care for a variety of mental health concerns.

Our interns provide comprehensive, evidence-based support for grief, anxiety, trauma, relationship challenges, and more using elements of:

Internal Family Systems therapy explores and integrates the different aspects of an individual’s psyche to promote harmony and healing.

Attachment therapy focuses on understanding and improving attachment patterns formed in early relationships to enhance emotional development and interpersonal connections.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps individuals identify and change unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours to alleviate emotional distress and improve overall well-being.

How can therapy help you?

Affordable therapy can help you with:

Therapy using attachment theory, CBT, and IFS helps you grasp why you feel so overwhelmed. You’ll pick up practical skills to deal with stress and lighten the load by addressing the wounded parts of yourself.

Through therapy, you’ll gain insight into both protective and vulnerable aspects of yourself. Instead of letting traits like perfectionism and anxiety control you, you’ll learn to let your wise self take charge and work with these traits positively.

Low-cost therapy provides a safe space to address past trauma by working with different aspects of the self. Through skill-building and healing wounded parts, individuals can experience increased groundedness in the present and develop trust in themselves and their decision-making abilities.

Therapy acknowledges the roles protective and defensive states play in meeting our needs. However, these protectors can sometimes hold us back. Therapy helps you honour these protectors while guiding them toward a healthier understanding of yourself.

In therapy, you’ll receive tools and support to foster personal growth and stronger relationships. By addressing protective mechanisms and wounded parts of yourself, you’ll break free from old patterns and cultivate healthier connections.

Affordable Therapy In Toronto

Why choose EMDR & Trauma Therapy Centre?

We understand that working through trauma can be a vulnerable and emotional process.
  • We strive to create a safe, non-judgmental environment for our clients.
  • We use an integrative approach to trauma therapy so clients can experience more complete healing.
  • We are committed to providing personalized care and support, meeting each client where they are in their healing journey.
  • We are attuned to your needs and we work at a therapy pace you can handle.
We strive to help people better understand themselves and show up in the world in a way they were meant to live.
Eliza Fernandes, Founder of EMDR & Trauma Therapy Centre, Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Approved EMDRIA Consultant

Eliza Fernandes, MSW, RSW
Founder, Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Approved EMDRIA Consultant

Therapists Offering Affordable Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions About Affordable Therapy

Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) are both therapeutic approaches used to address trauma and other psychological issues, but they differ in their techniques and underlying principles.

IFS focuses on the internal dynamics of the individual, conceptualizing the mind as composed of different “parts” that each have their own emotions, beliefs, and motivations. The therapist helps the individual to explore and understand these parts, fostering self-awareness and internal harmony.

On the other hand, EMDR is a therapy that utilizes bilateral stimulation, such as eye movements or taps, to help individuals process traumatic memories and associated emotions. It aims to facilitate the brain’s natural healing processes by reprocessing distressing memories, allowing for their integration into more adaptive neural networks.

While both approaches can be effective in addressing trauma and related issues, IFS focuses more on internal dialogue and understanding the self, whereas EMDR emphasizes the processing and reintegration of traumatic memories through sensory stimulation.

It is difficult to pre-determine how many sessions without having a fuller understanding of what the presenting difficulty is, the relevant history and how you would process as everyone processes differently. We suggest 10-20 sessions in order to obtain the therapeutic goals established during the initial stage of therapy.

Our MSW interns may or may not hold registration with the College of Social Workers for their BSW Degree. Their individual bios will indicate this. All students will be supervised by a well experienced clinical MSW supervisor. All receipts will indicate supervised by and their MSW license.

IFS, Attachment theory, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) each contribute to improving relationships in distinct ways. IFS, Attachment theory, and CBT offer a comprehensive approach to improving relationships by addressing internal dynamics, attachment patterns, and cognitive-behavioural factors that influence interpersonal interactions. By integrating these approaches, individuals can develop the skills and insights necessary to cultivate more satisfying and meaningful relationships in

No. When our MSW Intern therapists initially meet with you they will know what modalities are best to utilize and how to integrate them for customized care and treatment.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy can help with depression by providing individuals with a structured framework to explore and understand the underlying causes of their symptoms. Through IFS, individuals learn to identify and work with different “parts” of themselves, including those associated with depression such as inner critics, wounded parts, and protective mechanisms.

IFS helps individuals develop self-awareness and compassion towards these parts, allowing for a deeper understanding of the root causes of depressive symptoms. By acknowledging and addressing these parts with empathy and curiosity, individuals can begin to heal past wounds, challenge negative beliefs, and cultivate healthier coping mechanisms.

Additionally, IFS promotes the integration of conflicting parts, leading to greater inner harmony and resilience. As individuals develop a more balanced relationship with their internal world, they often experience a reduction in depressive symptoms and an increased sense of empowerment and well-being. Overall, IFS provides a holistic approach to healing depression by addressing the complex interplay of emotions, beliefs, and behaviours within the individual’s psyche.

All our interns are in an advanced MSW graduate program. They hold prior counselling experience and have a foundation in utilizing a trauma and humanistic lens to therapy practice.

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